Geometry Nodes - Recalculate mesh normals


I’m trying to create a “Recalculate Normals” (similar to the operator bpy.ops.mesh.normals_make_consistent()) with geometry nodes that works as precisely as the operator for various mesh topologies.
Here’s the thread I posted on Blender Artists for any one interested:

Can someone explain me the algorithm / logic used by the operator or point me to documentation?
Or better, knows how to implement this in Geonodes…
Or even better yet, tell me that a Recalculate Normals node is planned in the development! :slight_smile:

This is verging on user-support / feature request, but it’s an interesting topic that I’ve wondered about myself too, so I will leave it for now-- just keep that in mind in the future.

The operator is documented here: Normals — Blender Manual
The code implementing the operation is in bmo_recalc_face_normals_exec in bmo_normals.c

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Ok, I will mind that in the future.
Thanks for the indications.