Geometry Nodes: controling generated collection instances and their children seperately and keyframe-animate them with Python?

I would like to create a floor from hexagonal objects, each made up from six tetrahedrons, like this.

Successfully calculated how to make the grid vertices with Python, also generated the six tetrahedron and arranged them into a hexagon collection, finally I used Geometry Nodes to duplicate the hexagon several times, everything looks cool, but after watching hours of videos I’m struggling with the animation, precisely: how to select and control one or more individual instances and move/rotate one or more hexagons, or its tetrahedrons? Is it even possible? For example, I would like to write a Python script, that moves the 5th hexagon of the 2nd row up along the Z axis (or any others, specified in a CSV file, each with their own timestamps), then rotate its tetrahedrons (the sides will have different color so rotating them will change the color of the hexagon surface) but have no idea, how to start and what nodes to use for this.

This forum is not really meant for these sort of support questions. You’ll probably have more success on one of the many user forums. (blenderartists, for example, or the #support channel on