Generating a new userdef_default_theme.c file - tbuts is no element of bTheme


Newest build from yesterday. Win 7, VS 2017

In the last week the internal naming of the editors has changed in the code. tbuts is now space_buttons for example.

I have my own default theme in my custom build. And so i have run the file against a saved userpref.blend to update it to the new names. The created userdef_default_theme.c file uses still the old names though. And so compilation fails with all the old editor names, tbuts, tv3d, tfile, tipo, and so on.

I can of course manually rename the classes in the file, and i have. But there is a hint above not to hand edit the file. And i have yet to find out why the string upleft in the 3D view turned grey here.

Is there a newer version of the conversion file around? Do i something wrong here? Or is this a overlooked issue, and this part isn’t covered by the renaming of the spaces yet?

Every help and hint is welcome :slight_smile:

Kind regards