Future Vulcan absorption

Just curious if you knew about this; and whether it is relevant or of any interest.

We’re aware, when we port to Vulkan we’ll likely use this so we don’t have to write a separate Metal backend.


This would be so good. We macOs users are felling a bit left out in the cold. I would love to know more about the plan to implement Vulcan in Blender - is there any information?

There is no concrete plan or timeline for Vulkan support yet.

1)when blender come to vulkan - which version of vulkan is will be minimum 1.1 or 1.2?

2)and vulkan in blender will support Vulkan Ray Tracing extension?

3)you wrote this in july 2019 (There is no concrete plan or timeline for Vulkan support yet) - passed 2 years - is there dates? at least approximately?

Vulkan support is under active development. But what the minimum version will be, when Vulkan ray-tracing will be added in Eevee, or when it will be stable enough for release is unknown still.