Frame '0' should be in negative frames

animation don’t start generally from zero( maybe simulations which i don’t think they matter where they start from) and blender doesn’t provide a way to restrict the scrubbing area to a specific working range only for playback,

just make 0 frame part of the negative frames option so we can’t scrub back to it or maybe in the future add two handles to the the scurbbing area for playback range.


Animation doesn’t generally start from anywhere. It can start at frame 1928 if you want it.
A lot of 2d software also allows you to start from 0.

Yes it does. Press P in the timeline. Unless you want to say that you can’t restrict the scrubber itself in which case I can’t imagine why you would want to or how that would be useful. I’ve seen no other animation software do that.

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well u never start animating from random number like 1928 maybe 1,101, 1001…etc that’s the workflow in production for hook ups, unless you are animating for yourself, P is an altenate option for playback and playbasting not restrict scrubbing… here is how maya the industry standard sloved it, sometimes there are frames which has blendshapes,test poses…etc which u want to exclude from the scrubbing area, not only that, it’s also helpful if you want to focus on certain frames without having to change the whole playback range, so yeah there are animation softwares who have this ,and it’s very useful for Artists in real production.


What you’re showing works similarly in blender. if you zoom in on a frame range, you’ll be able to scrub over that range . I do agree that being able to set multiple frameranges or save them would be useful. Why would you have test poses and unwanted frames on your main animation? This is why we have the Action Editor. You can put your test stuff on other time layers.

it’s a better option than the scaling bar that blender has ,also it will be a nice additon to the animation editors in the side bar since most of them are empty anyway… i don’t see any no reason to not included it.

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i guess you need to this option:


perfect solution and easy ! Thanks

What you’re showing works similarly in blender.

Only if you disable continuous grab. Then you have to make sure that one is visible and zero isn’t. That is impossible if your range isn’t real small.

You should be able to restrict the current frame to the frame range when using the mouse.