Fracture Object

Hi i am using Blender since one year and i really love it. Many congratz to the devs !

I hope i am in the right section to discuss this.

I think the fracture cell modifier could be improved.

There some features that i really love about Houdini’s rbdmaterialfracture.

Basically you can choose different kind of “procedural noise” to break an object (not just only the voronoi).
There is also some sort of general preset like Glass, Wood, Concrete etc.

But more important you can add detail to the edge of the cell and there is also an option named “chipping” that add little break in some corner of the cell.

This provide a more natural look in general i think.

Also i feel like the current Cell Fracture tends to glitch too easily even on watertight mesh. Often i will got some missing part in the result or simple a boolean cell that will stay and when i delete it there is a hole.

The recursion is great on simple cube but once it’s applied to a more complex and less harmonious geometry this could lead to trouble with rbd simulation.

Thanks for the incredible work you do with Blender, dm me if i can test stuff or help Blender grows in anyway. You can find me here :

Cheers !


There used to be a secialized branch of Blender for fracture called Fracture Modifier.

This was planned to be integrated inside Blender 2.8 or later, right now I think it’s waiting for some things related to Deps Graph, but theoretically it will be merged (and probably redesigned) when it’s possible.

However you can use the Fracture Modifier branch for the time being, it’s based on Blender 2.79 thought.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, i hope that when they merge it i will fall in love and never put a single toe outside of Blender : D

It will depend on your needs :slight_smile:

Do you know who code this branch ? Do you think it’s possible to apply somewhere for being a beta testeur ? Is that something people do in the community ?

Thanks !

Nope, I mean, yes, you can play with it and test it, the main author is @scorpion81, and you can get the latest 2.79 version:

The 2.8 version, not it’s not ready to be tested at all, and it’s not clear how will it reach Blender I think.

Thank you very much i am going to test it right now !!!

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It’s VERY powerful, you can find some videos about it in my youtube channel,

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Thanks i am going to watch it for better understanding !

i also subscribe : D

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Juan, do you have a discord for your channel or something ? I may have a question regarding your tutorial : )


Is better if you publish it in the comments section of the video our discord server is just for our students and our coworkers :slight_smile:

Why does something so good never make it into the main version?