Forum Reply is broken?

found this issue when you reply to someone in the topic it did not show who do you reply and need guess or type exactly name by @…

That happens only when your reply is to the last post in the thread. The other person is notified about that.

A horizontal grey line appears between your reply and the last post.

Though to avoid it, quote something from the last post like I did :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is annoying. That got fixed on blender artist forum by changing some setting. Maybe whoever is in charge of this forum can look into this.

Perhaps you are referring to these?


Perhaps @brecht or someone can comment on these settings, but I seem to be able to pull Brecht into this quoted reply just fine, so I seem to be missing the problem, or it doesn’t apply to me perhaps?

I think this is admin settings.
The problem is - without showing name you think that this is rhetorical question or answer and doesn’t apply to you and you ignore it, or don’t take it seriously.
P.S. I directly hit Reply button to your post (@troubled )
and where you can see that I appeal to you, and not just type my thoughts…?! without typing @“name” directly.

See above my reply how you can see your avatar, but APEC replied to the same post but there’s no such icon.

image image

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Ah yes, I see what you mean. I am not sure which setting controls this, or if we should change it.

There could be annoying consequences to changing this, which is why I defer to Brecht or someone else.

Perhaps you could point to the thread or discussion from BA where they changed this?

I’ve changed the setting for this now to always show who the reply is to.