Flamenco Worker Clusters/Tag Interface Design Suggestions

Hello all,

I really want to fulfill some items in the Flamenco checklist to push it to version 3.3. However, I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with something fairly “simple”. According to issue Issue #104204, there is the plan to make a web interface for CRUD operations of the worker clusters (renamed tags).

My issue is that I am not good at designing at all, though I do love implementing. I wanted to reach out to the community to see if there were any design features/styles you would like to see?

I’m currently working on a Figma design for a basic outline sketch, and plan to release it soon. However, I wanted to get some ideas on what you as the community would like to see in the web interface?

For example, I’m already thinking of creating a dashboard for the operation tools. As well as making the color scheme similar to the Flamenco manager that the user already uses.


  • What are the primary goals of the worker tag’s (clusters) operations? (I.E.: What information would the user need to view or manipulate)
  • Are there any specific design requirements or constraints that need to be considered? Like are there any accessibility standards or programming framework (I only see JavaScript, HTML/CSS).

Any suggestions, ideas, or criticism is welcome. Thank you :blush: