Fixing a bug with a blank line in GLSL code?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to dig into a bug where some edge overlays (like UV seams) are not displayed on my computer [1].

So… I compile Blender. I check that the overlays aren’t displayed (that’s the bug). Then I make a change to “overlay_edit_mesh_common_lib.glsl”. Any change, like adding a blank line seems to work. I compile again. Then the overlays appears as expected. I remove my change, compile, the overlays disappear again. How is that possible?

If you have any clue of what might be going on, I will greatly appreciate.

[1] I opened a ticket here:

Ok I realized this is due to GLSL cache. I cleared the cache and now the overlays work consistently after compilation.

So I have no idea how I could get a malfunctioning shader cached with the same hash and why the issue occurs with the same GLSL code in the official binaries.

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