File Viewer always too small

Whenever opening a file viewer, it’s quite small, and the UI elements as buttons etc sometimes appears like 300% initially.
I always need to resize the viewer in order to use it. But when opening it later again, it’s back at the small size.
I’ve heard other users that have the same problem too. All of this started when the viewer stopped being fullscreen (early 2.8…?). I have Win10, with an extra screen. Maybe this has to do with different resolutions on the two screens, scaling or something. No idea. There are probably good reasons not to use OS file dialogues, but this is really annoying when referring to files in sher nodes, opening blender files etc. Other users have suggested saving the default settings file with the viewer open. That didn’t really solve anything.

Remembering the set viewer size would be optimal, but also a checkbox for full screen viewer (setting saved).

The file browser window does remember the last size used, but apparently there is an issue with multiple windows and differing DPIs. See