Fields and Anonymous Attributes [Proposal]

When will field branch merge with master branch?

It has already been asked:

It’s probably going to be merged this week (since the quote was last week). Excited!


I’ve been playing around with the index node and wanted to provide some feedback, so I recorded a video about it, you can watch it here:

Topics are:

  1. Get the Count (or Last Index)
  2. Reading the attribute of specific Index
  3. Storing and using that as a “constant” variable
  4. Transfer attributes via index

P.S. it is debatable if it’s better to get the Count or the Last Index. For most math we’d want to use the Last Index instead of the count, which is count - 1.


Hey there is a new Temp Geometry Nodes Fields Build Today! :star_struck:

What’s new? @jacqueslucke @HooglyBoogly

edit: I just noticed that it’s not the prototype anymore, I guess It’s the merge with master test? I’m testing right now!


I just downloaded it but cannot find Extrude or Store Persistent for example :frowning:
I thought I may have downloaded the wrong build but maybe the merge hasn’t happened correctly?


Trying new field nodes.



And so it begins. The first fields commit to the master branch.


I have a couple of questions with the new build.
The Attribute Extract node is missing, is there something that replaced it?

I’m finding the new input nodes aren’t working in many situations. I assume the fields aren’t working with every node yet, but I’m reporting it just in case. For example, shouldn’t this work?:

I’m feeding the normal into the Align Rotation to Vector node but it doesn’t do anything. I know that we could use the normal attribute instead, but shouldn’t it be working? Position or Index nodes also don’t work.

Another question is, how would we move instances along one of their axis? For example here:

I’d expect to get the instance axis with the Attribute Extract and use that to add to the positions, but there are a couple of issues:

  1. as mentioned Attribute extract isn’t there
  2. Which Point attribute defines the orientation of the instances? There is a Rotation attribute but that’s only 1 Vector. Is it Euler rotation relative to the group input object?
    In General, I think there should be an easy way to get this kind of Vector data out of the Points / Instances.

Is there a more obvious workflow for this that I’m missing?

The files are here for convenience:

We need to give them time
they need to re-implement everything from scratch in the main build


I think because of this:

Curve Circle, Star and Quad have no Start- and Endpoint. Is this intended?

Yes because these curves are cyclic, cyclic curves don’t have start nor end point since they are looped. Whether a curve is cyclic or not is a boolean attribute that can be modified with attribute fill/store named attribute node.

When to join the crush split node

Do you mean fracture? Is there a patch for that? I don’t think it’s going to be in 3.0.

Here is a list of goals made by Hans regarding Geometry Nodes in 3.0. You can take a look if you want to know what’s coming.


Are there any chances that attribute transfer/fields substitute will allow to transfer float values so that we can make custom animation once then instance object and trigger custom animation with proximity node, for example to the 3.0 release?

Not sure if off topic or not. But, with this new method/geo nodes in general… is there a way to do an “Edit Poly” type node setup/modifier?

Mainly I’m thinking about… if I wanted to mirror SOME faces, but not ALL, for a lowpoly. Like, mirror some side faces, to share UVs, but keep top faces Unique, that player may see in FP view/ADS on a weapon.

Right now I have to detach faces into a new mesh/mirror, or re-assemble things after the fact/can’t do in a modifier that I know of…

This is all very exciting stuff though! Great work!

Not sure if I’m interpreting you correctly but here’s a setup mirroring the ear of suzane (here the mirroring is done by scalling -1 in the x axis, for more complex situations this would become a bit more complex accordingly):

Yeah kinda! Although I’m hoping to not have to use vertex groups. Since I might or probably have shared faces that I’d want to mirror or not. Unless this can work in that case.

So if you had a cube and wanted to keep the top face but mirror the left and right sides.

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Just a reminder that we have Collection Info and Object Info input nodes:

So it’d be cleaner if the Normal and Position nodes were replaced by a “Geometry Info” node, which more channels could then be added to in future if needed.

Also, in the input section, Float constant input is referred to as “Value”
where as everywhere else, including the very same Input section, Floats are referred to as Floats. I know the “Value” name is remnant from the Shader Editor design, however I think in this case, the unification of naming of data types within the scope of a single editor (Geometry Nodes) is more important than unification of equivalent nodes across multiple node editors.

Especially given that the “Value” Input it surrounded by names like “Vector” and “String”, so a person new to Blender but familiar with essential data types will naturally be seeking the word “Float”.