[FEEDBACK] Physics - Simulation - Particles Nodes - GEOMETRY NODES

Hello at all developers.

i make a short list with a question and the correct awnser.

Question i will be add,
is can be multi-threaded ?
→ Yes is planned logically.

About your ideas, your experience and your main goal what is the best way to follow. For me i would be add in nodes a function and Events proprieties for make the system more dynamics and more evolved. Is been like game engine i know but is a part only for these thing because i know you can make a lot of thing with this like control the disparition when the particles is “Killed” by exemple… and many mores.


Is this a GSOC project ?
Are you gonna use what Jacques did before geo node with the particles node system ?

The ystem you show is abandonned and cancelled a new system insinde the geometry nodes is created see this :

in facts all the node created in the system for GN is a new nodes with this own proprieties. you can create in the future something like that but with an other process with combinaison of a few nodes for particles we can mix with sim or physics or anything, the goal is make a fully operated system with output COMPLEX Result, for exemple the system goal is like NIAGARA System exemple of complex thing we can create with this system. i think we van view the idea :slight_smile: But with more nodes and more possibilities for create and mix PHYSICS / SIMULATION and PARTICLES One by one or tohether.


Mixing GN with those simulation nodes would be pretty flexible for artist to access whatever data they want, manipulating or art-directing the result at any time any stage they want. However, all function implemented in one node system will result in gigantic projects which looks messy and hard to debug/refactor. I propose that we could leave alone the existing geometry nodes and have a dedicated node work space for simulating nodes with a precondition that geometry nodes could have multiple geometry outputs so that they can be used in sim nodes.


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