Feedback : Asset browser, notification for users when applying pose to armature in "Rest position"

Feedback enhancement : print output message when applying a pose from asset browser to an armature in “Rest position”.

Current behavior as to version 3.1.2 : Nothing displayed when applying pose to armature in “rest position” via asset browser.

To Mont29 and william or whoever is in charge of the asset browser project.

When you apply a pose through the asset browser to a selected armature that is in “Rest position” mode, nothing happens, That’s all fine but from the user perspective, They may not know why nothing changes, Maybe they forgot or a billion other reasons.

Folks, Projects can become complicated with too many factors to keep in mind,
So, Let’s provide them with a message that will also be recorded at “Info” output as well as a popup that we are trying to apply a pose to an armature in rest position, Set it to “Pose position” to notice changes.

Further enhancement will be a pop-up floating box (Where the cursor is at) that will ask the user if they would like to change to “Pose position” in the form of a dialogue box with a button to “Change to Pose Position”.

I’m all for a message. But please no floating popups that you have to dismiss with a click!

Well its only a thought, Whatever the solution is, It can’t go on like this.

Its not about dismissing with a click, but pressing a single button to resolve the issue if the user chooses to, instead of pressing multiple buttons to go to the proper armature and the proper pane.

Always remember, Less clicks is better, While we are searching for the armature to change back to “Pose position”, There is a chance we will lose our train of thought, So, its always good to have a Fix right-away button.

(Let alone it won’t cause any clunky UI)
Blender devs are already making such a change with “multiple users” right now of having a floating dialogue box with a button.