Feature Request - Mantaflow Bake Command

Hi there, sorry if this is not the place to write this, I am new here! I am currently doing my masters final project and I need a library of rendered simulations. I was thinking of making a script to automate the process but it turns out the bake data and bake mesh are operators and not methods that can be easily accessed. I have found this same problem reported on the previous liquid simulator on the stackoverflow forum:

I have tried to use the same trick but have found nowhere the dictionary that it accepts (and the ones in the post don’t work) :pensive: I adapted the code to use “bpy.ops.manta.bake_data()” but it just crashes. I tried to get the parameters to this method using “inspect.getfullargspec()” but it just crashes again…

Could the future releases take this in consideration and implement a method that can be accessed from outside the ui button?

Thanks for bringing mantaflow to blender!

@Brachi, if using the bake command from command line crashes that sounds like a bug?