[Feature Request] JavaScript/TypeScript binding request!

[Feature Request] JavaScript/TypeScript binding request!
by the way, typescript(by microsoft) is a superset of javascript.

On github, javascript is the most popular(1th) language, and javascript’s superset typescript is the 11th popular language. Please give this large group (morden front-back-end engineers) a chance (easy way ,like python api, not blender for web) to develop blender plugin.

From the anti-features wiki .

Support for Other Scripting Languages

Supporting multiple languages is not something we’re currently interested in.

Embedding a language runtime has a significant maintenance overhead, so there would need to be very compelling reasons (besides developer preference) to add support for other languages or to move away from Python.

Also there should have been a banner on top of the forum alerting you that feature requests should go on rightclickselect this is not the place for them.

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