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Failed to load plugin 'hdCycles'

Was fallowing cycles/ at master · blender/cycles (

ERROR: Usdview encountered an error while updating selection.
Error in ‘pxrInternal_v0_22__pxrReserved__::PlugPlugin::_Load’ at line 258 in file E:\dp\Sft\3D\USD\pxr\base\plug\plugin.cpp : ‘Failed to load plugin ‘hdCycles’: ???
in ‘e:/dp/Sft/3D/Blender/Cycles/cycles/install/hydra/hdCycles.dll’’

Is that the complete error log, or is there any more detailed information? Does that dll file exist?

That was the 1st error, the rest is basically the same, just when trying to render.

dsoError.c_str() was shown as ???, due to language issue?

  • The ??? should be “The specified module could not be found”.

Sure the DLL exists,

  • either in E:\dp\Sft\3D\USD_Build\plugin\usd,
  • or in PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME which is cycles\install\hydra

The plugin name is shown:
Failed to load plugin ‘%s’


  • hdCycles\resources\plugInfo.json
  • hdCycles.dll
  • plugInfo.json

Cycles tells us to use PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME=/install/hydra.
While hdTiny (really works) tells us to use the “resources” folder.

resources\plugInfo.json is also quite strange, …/hdCycles.dll needs to be …/…/hdCycles.dll?

Was missing some paths for dependent DLLs, fixed.