Failed test artifacts on buildbot

When tests fail, a zip file of the tests folder in the build directory is now attached. This is purged after 10 days to avoid excessive disk space usage.

Example build

It can help debugging platform or configuration specific issues. Particularly render tests, since we want to start testing EEVEE on the buildbot.

The I/O tests don’t seem to leave behind exported files. If that would be helpful for debugging, I imagine someone can change that.


For main and release branches, the reports are now also be browseable online. For example:

Is this just a static report with the last build? or is there an archive so you can look at past failing builds? the URI seems to indicate it’s the former?

It’s just a static report for the last build. For past (failed) builds there are zip files kept for 10 days.

I’m not sure how useful it will be, or if it’s worth the overhead. Maybe it would be good to enable it for pull requests, but it’s a lot more files then.