Failed 2.79c Build with VS2019 (Win10)


Beginning builder here, just wanted to ask, I successfully built Blender with VS2019 and vc15 (r62363).

Blender 2.83 Alpha vc16 is what comes out.

Then I got a 2.79 branch:

git checkout blender2.7

Then I built 2.79 in it’s own directory:

make release 2019 builddir 2.79c

It will ask if I want to download the libraries. I say yes. It downloads win64_vc14 (r62363)

Then it compiles for a good 30 minutes with several yellow warnings but it continues and it hits this instruction and halts:

bf_intern_cycles.vcxproj -> C:\Users\Admin\BlenderMarket\BlenderCypress\source\vs2019\2.79c\lib\Release\bf_intern_cycles.lib
cycles_kernel.vcxproj -> C:\Users\Admin\BlenderMarket\BlenderCypress\source\vs2019\2.79c\lib\Release\cycles_kernel.lib
Error during build, see “c:\Users\Admin\BlenderMarket\BlenderCypress\source\vs2019\blender…\2.79c”\Build.log for details

So just wondering where I can go next?


It’s important to see older branches in the context of their time, 2.79 branched off the mainline codebase somewhere mid to end of 2017, long before vs2019 even existed and was build with VS2013 at that time, 2015 was supported but we did not ship with it due to codegen bugs.

Same goes for the libraries you grab from svn, they are in most cases much more recent versions that the 2.79 codebase has even been tested with.

So now you have a codebase has never been used or tested with the compiler you want to use, with newer versions of libraries it has never seen before and the build scripts are not prepared for, yeah naturally you’re going to run into trouble.

Now the good news is for every release we tag the libraries so you find the 2.79a (b and c had code changes but no library changes) libs at

for the compiler issues if they popup you’re kinda on your own resolving them, support for building old branches is going to be limited on my end

Can it be done? probably, is it a good beginners project? unlikely…

Thank you. I understand now.

Hi LazyDodo,

So to build 2.79c, what would be the best way? Only VS2017 is available to download. So use VS2017, clone master, branch to 2.79, then build that?

Thank you.

That may work, but you’d still need to grab the libraries from the SVN tag i gave you , the newest libs will not work for it.

OK, I’ll try. I’ll let you know. Thank you for guidance.