Fail to compile with Vulkan + Windows

I’m trying to compile Blender in Windows using Visual Studio 2019 but bf_windowmanager intern library doesn’t find vulkan/vulkan.h include during the compilation.

Currently i compile blender using:

  • git clone blender source + addons + libs
  • Set up a Visual Studio 2019 solution using CMake app
  • Compile in Release configure

For this issue I started a fresh compilation to avoid possible issues with old compilations.

Is it necessary to download any Vulkan SDK? I saw that a Vulkan lib directory is included in libs folder.

Vulkan is under heavy development, until it gets enabled by default in build bot builds, it’s best to consider it broken and unsupported

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By default vulkan isn’t compiled in when doing a normal build, it has to be activated by turning on WITH_VULKAN_BACKEND=On in the configuration. It might be that when turning this on it will fail with the issue you have as I am focusing in getting Linux support first.

Lately I had to change the configuration of GHOST to include the vulkan header files I am not a windows CPP compiler expert, but can imagine it requires the search patch for the vulkan headers, which is not nice. If I get my hand on a windows system later this week I will check if this can be typedeffed.

For reference I think that #111473 - Vulkan: Rewrite GHOST_ContextVK - blender - Blender Projects changes to GHOST_types.h trigger these compilation issues.

Sidenote: you don’t need to install the VulkanSDK as needed parts are part of the plaform libraries and blender source tree.


Yes, i know. I was compiling with WITH_VULKAN_BACKEND=On on purpose to test it along the game engine (for UPBGE) and find and fix possible issues in the game engine part.

Thanks for the information. Then I will try it on linux.

BTW, Thanks for the great work.

Will fix it, but as mentioned on chat, i’m not super thrilled with every single project that depends on ghost getting access to the vulkan headers as this should be an implementation detail on the backend of things.

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Awesome. I will test it asap. Thanks again.