Exporting procedural texture nodes as USD

When exporting a blender project as USD, some shader nodes are not yet exportable.

For example, right now we can export BSDF nodes and textures, but we don’t export nodes like Voronoi Textures, Wave, Checker, … etc.

So, are there plans to export them? For example by providing some glsl shaders and referencing them in the USD file. I could try to help with implementing them if there’s already a plan for it.

And if not, do we plan to at least automatically bake textures for the nodes that are not exportable? It would at least look the same to some extent.


In Blender 4.0 with Hydra, the shader nodes can be exported as MaterialX nodes. MaterialX supports generating GLSL code.

This is not yet supported as part of USD export, and only a subset of nodes are there currently. For Blender 4.1, help to make the implementation more complete and test it well on more complex scenes is welcome.

Where is this documented? I don’t see a way of exporting to MaterialX, currently the exported outputs to USD Preview Surface. Using 4.0 on OSX.

This is in Houdini.

And I had my export method in Hydra as “USD”, but I believe this is just for viewing purposes right?

Bump, I was hoping to be able to use MaterialX to export to Unreal Engine