Export colection with 3D print Plug-in

Hello, fellow Blender hardcoreusers !
I search for the topic and don’t find anything about this topic.
I am developing a mask and I am using Blender of course! I am trying to make the file more human-friendly possible! and I am using collections for that, to share the part orientation for 3d printing I made a “second scene” only with the instances of the collections the final user needs so far so good the problem is when I want to export only export an empty file, and if i want to use the 3dprinting add-on wen i select the instances the left bar dont show up.
Maybe no one felt this problem and maybe is a feature easy to make.

if is not the place for this topic plea move accordingly
Thanks to you all

Maybe try exporting before in obj is the only exporter that work with all kind of object and then import the object and reexport if need in your preferred format

Thanks for you reply i am able to export no problem the original mesh the problem i think is there a gap for a new feature em blender 3d print export add-on

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