Export Animated Blendshapes

I’m trying to export an animated Character. it has standard bone animation and Blendhsape (shape key) animation.
I’m trying also to import to unity and control the blendshapes by code while animation is running but i have several problems.

1st problem: I cannot export animations without baking them, i think thats normal in blender FBX export but it’s horrible, that leads to an animation with all key shapes baked and overwriting each frame my code.

2nd problem: i desisted to do it like i said before, so i tried to bake the shape key animations in each action in order to make it near to the idea i originally had, but then it bakes the shape key animation to all actions in the file.

Isn’t it posible to do what i want to do? or i’m leaving something? i think that the key its in the NLA options but i cannot find any tutorial that does it.

Just found how to make it separately, Shape keys animation or standard animation but i cannot found any way to merge both.

thanks in advance

I think that it would not be possible to have a fully merged file with all of the animations. Due to the data structure of the FBX which is constrained.

However it would be really useful if someone would be able to parse the .blend file at once and provide an API access to manage it’s contents.

But as for now the only correct way is to have several separate FBX animations and then try to play them and mix them together at runtime dynamically.

Hi @AndOrDev.

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