Expor/Import huge set of data into blender more efficiently

I’m in the beta phase of my multiphysics node base engine for Blender which will allow the users to do complex simulations easily in Blender using a node base environment.
First I’m already able to update blender UI from Python with GIL lock, is there any way to update blender UI and objects in multithreaded or faster in C/C++ because i know blender UI in not thread-safe and i think it can be updated only using Python using a single thread?
second is there any way to not compile the whole of Blender and add data manipulation nodes in Geometry nodes?


you can see the current state of add-on here : https://blenderartists.org/t/tangra-multiphysics-node-base-engine-for-blender/1536677
it’s working perfectly and I would love to contribute to Blender Core but I need to fix the import/export buttle neck first. this is the slowest process as I mentioned.


I don’t think this is currently possible. You could maybe try to (ab)use one of the built-in scene importers
(alembic? USD? I’m not sure of those are C++ or python) to update the whole scene in a single python call?

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i tried it it’s better but slow again also because at the end I need to load that data in memory in another step it’s not as efficient as it should be.
So if I want to add this in Blender Core is there anyone can give me in right direction so I’ll be able to create a system for everyone to be able to import/export huge data set more efficiently into Blender?