Exploring Potential Use Case

Hello All,
Forgive me if I’m in the wrong place to post this.

I am a very novice user. I need to speak to someone who is very familiar with the potential for building a custom application in Blender. I don’t even know if Blender is the place to start.

I have a .USDZ file, that presents the interior of a home and the objects that have been identified within each room.
I would like to add several additional fields to the Object description. (Make, Model, Purchase Date and Original Cost) for all objects.

I need a very simple tool for the general public to use inside a Free Homeowner APP to display the file and allow the user to select an object to provide additional information about the item and store the information in the Object description in the USDZ file.

Does this sound like something that can be done with Blender?

Blender does not create 3D applications, only the 3D assets (models, materials, textures, effects, animations) you might want to import and use inside a 3D application.

What you need is a 3D library/framework/engine that can import objects created inside Blender (and exported to many of its supported formats), rendering them (using APIs like DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan) and taking care of the logic that allows users to interact with them (like selecting an object to show a popup with information).

If we’re talking about an web app, you might want to look into Babylon.js or Three.js. A simple 3D application for desktop computers, mobile devices and the web can be created with Godot (it can export for many platforms)


TBH if you saw the keynote in 2022, with the ‘blender apps’ plan you’d be tempted to think blender would be able to do this.

Though I didn’t really hear anything about that plan since so I guess it fell through the cracks.

Well, they had BGE for that but it was removed completely. Apparently, people still seem to be attracted to the idea of making Blender a “game creation IDE” with all these intents.

There’s still UPBGE or Armory for that, if someone wants to do everything inside Blender and the project is not very complicated.

I am myself working on an addon that can make Blender scenes interactive using logic nodes and maybe some day exportable to native apps, but that’s gonna take a long time.