Execution problem. I'm missings pthreadVC3.dll

I hadn’t rebased in about 2 months and I just now did. I deleted my old blender build and rebuilt everything from scratch. I had no errors at all during build, but I am getting the Windows popup saying pthreadVC3.dll was not found.

Right click the INSTALL project in visual studio and click build.

Hi @LazyDodo.

I did - twice. All the other *.dlls and folders are in place, and the console even starts.

Are your svn deps up to date? We got rid of the pthreads dll near the end of February.

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My excuse for not thinking of that is that I have extreme brain fog. Hope to do some traveling and get that fixed.

Thanks for solving my problem though.

That’s allright, it took me till after you said you ran INSTALL twice for me to go, wait a minute, we don’t have that dll anymore :slight_smile:

The other info for my last problem that you helped me with was right also. RNA_TreeFilterElement wasn’t defined.

Turns out RNA_def_struct() generated the definition.