Errors when compiling with clang in Windows

Since a few days ago when compiled with the option “make release clang builddir clang-release” it fails, producing the errors that are shown in the image (it is only a sample, it occurs in almost all the modules). So far it has always worked correctly. If in the Visual Studio options are eliminated from the additional options of the compiler “/experimental:external /external:templates- /external:I /external:w0” the compilation is successful. Thank you.

Fixed! pull and you should be allright! Clang on windows is somewhat of a pet project i try to keep alive, but its not getting regular testing or much official support. Happy to see people are actually using it!

Thanks for fixing the problem. I have also tried the option of clang with ninja and everything perfect. It may be something subjective but I think that a build compiled with clang (LLVM) works a bit faster than using the microsoft compiler. regards

It’s not subjective, cycles is objectively 10-15% faster (depending on the scene) on the CPU with clang. GPU there is no benefit that i know of.

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