Error running "make release 2017"

Since today (at least) the blender 2.8 build with cuda support for windows runs into an error.

Errors in Build.log:

CUSTOMBUILD : error : cuew init fialed (0xffffffff) [E:\DATA\PROG\blender-2.8-git\build_windows_Release_x64_vc15_Release\intern\cycles\kernel\cycles_kernel_cuda.vcxproj]
CUSTOMBUILD : error : initialization error, exiting [E:\DATA\PROG\blender-2.8-git\build_windows_Release_x64_vc15_Release\intern\cycles\kernel\cycles_kernel_cuda.vcxproj]
77 Warnung(en)
2 Fehler

After the first failed build, I deleted the whole build directory (sometimes this helped when builds failed)
and started a new new build run.

But the result was the same

Can anyone help ?

i’m gonna guess cuda 9.2? if so please downgrade

No Cuda 9,1. And till today I build successfully several times !

can you attach your CMakeCache.txt i’ll take a quick peek to see if anything stands out.

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Unfortunately I’m not on my computer till tomorrow, so I need some time …

Uhh sorry this was my fault. I’m building blender on 3 maschines (2x windows, 1x linux) and this machine had indeed an upgrade to 9.2 which I didn’t realized because I did’nt made it. So everything is fine !