Error building openvdb using install_deps

Hi again, I’m still sticking with the blender compilation. I have activated the option of openvdb in The openvdb compilation gives me error


It’s probably an issue that needs to be fixed in, specific to the operating system you are using. Maybe it’s compiling with different compilers or standard libraries for different libraries.

I don’t have an easy answer for this one.

When searching for the error message, I find references to older versions of gcc. @argotan, what OS and compiler are you using?

He used linux in an lxc container to perform blender compilations and any other program. The container has a template of ubuntu 16.04. The gcc version is 5.4.0, the one that comes with ubuntu. At the time and I do not remember what program was, install a version of gcc more current, because I demanded so. But then I deleted it and I left the version 5.4.0 only.