Emulate middle mouse change its behaviour ¿?

Hi i just compile todays build and the way that emulate 3 mouse button changed.
Normally i can hold Alt and every time i do left click it rotates, release click and click again and works.
Now if i can rotate (or zoom or pan) i have to press alt, press left click and works but as soon as i realease left click it no longer works when i click again, i have to release alt, then press it again then it works.
So now, every time an action like rotate or pan or zoom ends its required to release and press alt instead of just left the button pressed, ¿¿is this by design or is it a bug??? because its really annoying but may be required for something else

@ideasman42 could it be that the change in the behaviour was because by this commit?

is this change that requires release and press alt again every time that a click end by design?

Fixed in rBef6d108b7597

Thanks :slight_smile:

@NahuelBelich hi, will close this topic as Campbell has already fixed the bug.

Please use https://developer.blender.org/ for bug report submission.
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