Elapsed time not working

Thanks for all developers working on the Geometry Nodes. I just started tinkering with the codes of Geometry Nodes. I found some issues with the Elapsed Time socket of the Simulation Input Node. I apologize if this is not the forum to post issues found in the latest build. Please let me know the appropriate place to post.

The following Geometry Node tree is attached to the default cube. I expect it to have motions in both x- and y-axis. But it only moves along x-axis. I changed the speed in the Multiply node, but it has no effect. The Elapsed time seems to be always zero.

The Blender file is here: Easyupload.io - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily. Tested on the build based on latest code as of Dec 6, 2022.

Thanks for fixing the cache, the elapsed time seems working now. But the delta time and elapsed time are the same.

Please refer to the following node tree (attached to the default cube). When I run the following tree, I expect the delta time more or less constant; and elapsed time increase steadily. I expect the x-increment constant; and y-increment linear with time. Hence the cube should move more and more in y-direction. The cube should not be moving in 45 degree diagonal.

I added the following debug message inside node_geo_exec() of node_geo_simulation_input.cc, right below the update of delta_time

 std::cout << "scene,delta,elapsed time  " << scene_ctime << "  " << delta_time << "  "
  << elapsed_time << "\n";

The output is:

scene,delta,elapsed time  1  -99  -99
scene,delta,elapsed time  2  1  1
scene,delta,elapsed time  3  1  1
scene,delta,elapsed time  4  1  1
scene,delta,elapsed time  5  1  1
scene,delta,elapsed time  6  1  1

suggesting that the delta_time and elapsed_time are the same (they were 0 just before the latest fix)

We don’t take bug reports for the simulation nodes yet. We know very well that many fundamental things are quite broken currently, including what you mention here. It’s just very early in development still.

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@jacqueslucke Thank you for the reply! Thanks for you and others working on the Geometry node! Looking forward to see more features!

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