Eevee-next Clarifiacation / Questions

Well, hello to all first of all I hope that everything goes for the best of your side and that everything goes well in your lives and that you are happy! :smiley:

I have some questions and need clarification about the development of EEVEE-NEXT Initially planned for “Blender 4.0”

1 - I don’t really understand how to work the new SCREEN SPACE from eevee, I thought I read that for the Gloabl Illumination the surfels will be used, But… Elsewhere I also read that it would be just a “Basic” SSGI … So I confess that I would like to understand what technologies will be used for Global illumination ?

  1. GI Surfels are better than LUMEN (UE5) ?

  2. What’s the diffrence beetween LUMEN and a standard GI ?

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Lumen was developed by a team of devs thats too much to put onto one developer. It will be awesome in terms of improvements but you are expecting heaven.


The problem is only Clément work on eevee… a small team like 3 - 4 Persons for eevee, is not a bad idea…“Game engine render” one day erase all ray tracing system…Ore will be replacer by Perfectionned real time path tracer… it’s not worth lying to yourself more the time advance more the techno are better ! Hardware and software.

And sometimes you need to sacrifice your time for create a small team for work on big projects like EEVEE… He have a lot of pentials… Consider this comment like an idea Blender. Please :slight_smile: EEVEE have some concurence now. i will not list here but you know what about i’m talking First letter “D”

but you not responding to my questions x’)

You can always join Blender Development Fund and sponsor that “small team like 3 - 4 Persons for eevee” you’ve mentioned :wink: Or maybe you have connections and know the ‘right people’ who are willing to join forces and work on the project to MEGA (Make Eevee Great Again) :smiley:


Same i appreciate your comments, but your don’t responding to my questions !

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