Eevee - more samples/frame with playback

would like to ask a question reagarding Eevee samples during playback touching 2 areas:

  1. Eevee looks gorgeous, so I’d love to present models directly in Blender, without exporting them to different game engines, Vred and so on. I imagine this can be useful for many users in lots of industries.

Main show stoppers at the moment are
a) missing usable VR (not so big deal, can wait)
b) only 1 sample during playback or simply navigating in viewport - no antialiasing, AO, shadow artifacts, so on… denoising doesnt really help there.
…Does someone know if its possible to solve this by “simply” allowing for more samples/ frame in this case? Assumption is that scene is light enough and GPU powerful enough. If yes how complex task this would be roughly? Or different denoising method for eevee?

  1. For upcoming VR this is also a problem (?) but propably not solvable by having more samples. Do Devs plan to introduce different Anti-aliasing method for VR (and efect like AO, shadows, propably not SSR) Possibly with migration to Vulcan?

Thank you.

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I agree wholeheartedly eevee, maybe vulkan is gonna make this possible, because cycles can do this too