Edge Slide Tool - Upgrade

I want to discuss this little but very useful tool “Edge Slide”.
I think it need to be improved.

of current “Edge Slide” tool:

  • you can’t slide with Duplicate and repeat selected edge/s shape along sliding way (I think it the most lack feature in this tool)
  • slide on specific value

a little mock-up
Edge Slide+

Edge Slide+ Duplicate

of new elements:

  • Distance - slide edge/s on specific value from -infinity to 0 on the left side, from 0 to infinity on the right side
  • Duplicate - duplicate selected edge/s on factor from -1 to 0 on the left side, from 0 to 1 on the right side or distance (values above).
  • when Duplicate checkbox is active, checkboxes Even and Flipped are disabled because we duplicate specific selected edge/s on Factor or Distance and want to repeat current selected edge/s shape (otherwise it’s another Loop Cut and Slide)
  • if checkbox Clamp is active we can only slide with duplicate on distance to the next loop, as it works now

My current workaround it’s a bevel edge loop with specific value, with profile 1 and segments 2,
and then delete unwanted loop on the left or right side. It’s so long and inconvenient.
And if its a manifold loop you cant bevel it this way…


Decide to collect all RCS proposal related to Edge Slide Tool.

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One more mock-up and new feature Slide Proportional.
Original edge:

Slide with Factor and Proportional Editing:

Slide with Factor, Duplicate and Proportional Editing.

Start-point is the Active selected element (in this case active edge at the bottom), End-point is the last point in selected loop.
Reverse Falloff - changing falloff direction for some cases if you don’t want to click-define new Active selected element.

If closed loop is selected then Start-point is the Active selected element , End-point is the farthest point from Active selected element in selected loop.

And here is proposal from RCS Rotate edge slide with similar action.

Yes, “Clone + Preserve Curvature” are the highly needed improvements for the slide tool.

I think it more related to Loop Cut and Slide
like this proposal on RCS Loopcut and Slide Improvements
Also look at this

@IIIFGIII To preserve curvature you can use Edge Flow.( kindof solution )

The loop cut should have that too, but I prefer to use it in the slide tool like in some other 3d apps.