Dynamically adjust near and far clipping plane


  • Often when you are working on a model and need to do some fine vertex adjustment, the model disappears when you zoom in.
  • Sometimes when you import a very large model, it’s seemingly invisible, and even if you zoom out very far you can’t see it because the clip planes are so narrowly placed together relative to the model.

This is a solved problem in the CAD world. A user never adjusts clipping planes in CAD software and still they never see near clipping and almost never z-fighting, because it’s constantly adjusted on the fly.

I’ve used Solidworks for almost a decade now and only recently noticed how it’s only in Blender and Max I have to adjust the clipping. We also recently got Rhino, and that’s a slightly cheaper and perhaps less well engineered piece of software, so if you have a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator and move around a large scene quickly (or zoom in very closely), you can actually have time to see how they adjust the clipping planes because it lags slightly behind the input. I’ve also used Autodesk Alias for almost a decade, and there you can actually manually adjust the clipping planes, but that software is a dinosaur. Don’t be a dinosaur, Blender. :slight_smile:

Naturally, a power user should still have the option to manually adjust it, but a “dynamic clipping” checkbox right beneath (that’s on by default for new users) would be ideal.


Great suggestion, just stumbled over this issue as well. To solve this issue a ‘characteristic length’ based on the average object/scene size could be introduced and used as well to scale the visual representation of objects like force fields.