DRAWCHITECTURE my first Add-On for Blender's 2.8 Grease Pencil

I am new to this forum and think this might be the right place to ask some questions.

I just finished coding my Addon for Blender 2.8 alpha and want to publish it. I think more people can make use of it.

The Plugin is called Drawchitecture and it’s a toolset for creating Temporary Plane-Arrays as Workplanes based on the previously drawn greasepencil strokes and based on selection of verticies of gp strokes.

I found these pages and will try to match all requirements mentioned, is this correct?


since my addon is placed in the Toolbar and the look of 2.8 changed, i think this might be criticised
it looks like this right now:

I am looking for tips and info on how to publish it right and looking forward to recieve feedback on it.

Why don’t you locate the addon in the N bar?, as a tab.

This type of addon fits better there now :slight_smile:


sweet, thats even better for right handed use with a pen!

did you have the chance to test the plugin?

I just updated the github file with some bugfixing and the new bl_region_type = ‘UI’

No, I did not, I dind’t had time, but it looks pretty interesting, specially for architects.

Good work!


It keeps sending error messages in blender 2.81, is there an update?

Hi Babas,

there is no update yet, i will have to take a look into that :slight_smile:
I suppose some commands in the API have been renamed and need to be corrected in the code.

thanks for telling!
I think i will have time for that next weekend.

This is great plugin, hopefully you will continue to work on it. BR