DPI Scaling and monitor advice

Does some potentially extreme Windows 10 DPI scaling, say 300% or more, ruin anything in Blender? I’m curious whether DPI scaling would eventually mess up something for clarity, positioning, or behaviour in Blender.

Currently shopping around different monitors and my main concern is how weird things could get. Right now I’m on 27" FHD (1920x1080) @ 125% DPI scaling in Windows 10. Pretty low DPI already and I still feel the need to scale it up. This is in general, but for me Blender is easier like that on my eyes.

I’m looking at RTINGS and they have this “text clarity” rating for monitors. It seems nice at first glance, but then I realize it’s basically a function of DPI. Very broadly applied too, every variant of 2160p from 27" to 40" regardless of panel type, aspect ratio, curvature, anti-glare, all of them get the same 9.5 rating. To be fair they do have one 8.0 outlier, and two 9.0.

If I’m going to be DPI scaling anyways, I don’t even know how much this text clarity rating even matters.

I had thought curved ultrawide would be cool but then I see how straight lines aren’t really straight anymore and that’s really awful sounding. Apparently you get used to it but I imagine switching between curved and not would be a nightmare.

So far all I really know is that I want flicker-free, no color bleed, and decent color accurcy.

Anybody have some advice for me? How is your 4k experience going, what DPI you using?

I use a 34in curved ultrawide (Philips Brilliance X-line 349X7FJEW) and the curviness does not distort content at all. It only helps the user face their monitor head-on. Blender is completely independent of the OS in regard to DPI scaling as far as I know… I personally set it to 150% (and left Windows itself at 100%).

I don’t know their testing pipeline but “text clarity” sounds like it’s equivalent to sharpness. In any case, Blender does “proper” scaling, as in the interface elements and the text are drawn using opengl primitives, lines, etc. so it’s always going to be sharp.

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Thanks, good to know it isn’t all that bad. I’ll probably get a curved ultrawide eventually but for now I’m going for a flat 16:9, still on the fence about 4k or 1440.

i’ll second blender’s built in UI scale feature- it works perfectly without any artifacts or issues. this is noteworthy because it’s the only program I use with independent UI scale capabilities that can claim this, some are downright awful (looking at you marvelous designer).

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