Download mirrors need to be re-evaluated/re-ordered

I live in northern California, and every time I go to download Blender, it puts me on a mirror that is not up to the task.

Just today, the default mirror (from Clarkson University, which is in New York) was so slow it said it would take 30 min to complete. I canceled the download and manually selected UC Berkeley, which downloaded in under a second. Previously, I’ve done the same thing and downloaded from a mirror in Germany and it still got here in a manner of seconds. It’s clear that the Clarkson mirror, at least for people in my area, should not be a primary source for Blender downloads.

This has been the case for some time now, unfortunately. Is there any way we can get these mirrors re-evaluated and/or re-ordered so the slower options are merely backup mirrors? I think that would be a small benefit to the Blender community.