subdomain pretection prevents scripted downloads

What’s Up?

Kinda sucked having besieged for a few days by the DDOS attack, and I completely empathise with all the Blender technical staff who battled to get back up.

The issue I’m facing now is that I can’t build our docker images automatically anymore.

Understandably, the subdomain is protected by Cloud Flare now, this, however, prevents us from running our dockerfile successfully as one of the layers pulls Blender from

That subdomain still loads in a browser fine, once you pass the security challenge, but our docker script fails as does our github actions file which attempts to build docker images on the github platform.

Can I ask?

Sooooo, is there any plan to allow scripts that download blender to work? Completely understand if not since the attacks, would just like to know if anyone has asked about this already and if there’s any thoughts about it.

We make images that contain Blender and are part of a distributed rendering solution, other studios may also use docker for rendering in the cloud since docker is a pretty neat way of packaging up your config and running it anywhere.

Being able to quickly generate new images is very useful, so if there’s any suggestions on a workaround, other than manually downloading Blender and then mounting it in the image, would be very keen to hear about it!

Thanks guys!

The immediate solution would be to use one of the official mirrors:

I’m not sure exactly what will happen with Hopefully once it is no longer getting hammered the security challenges will mostly go away as well,

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Thanks @brecht :slight_smile: both of those will work by the looks of things, hoping the attacks have calmed down now. I suppose I can use those mirrors as a fall back and at least try to pull from the official domain in the hope that as you say it might not need CF protection once the attackers lose interest.

Hope that didn’t stress you guys out too much :slight_smile: