Does anyone know if its possible to copy and paste collections between scenes in the same .blend

Trying to copy a few thousand objects from one scene to another existing scene. I need everything to be arranged in the same hierarchy in both scenes. Is this possible?

I know how to copy them to a new scene, but not an existing one.

yes it’s possible… it’s pretty easy to test out, did you try it? select your objects, copy, switch to the other existing scene, paste.

That was what I thought, but it doesnt work. The objects are pasted if you use ctrl + v over the viewport, but the collections arent transferred over.

Pasting into the outliner reports that all objects are pasted, but neither the objects or collections are visible in the viewport or outliner. They all appear in the orphaned data section of the outliner…

Ah, okay I missed that part- yeah Collections can only be linked to a single scene, and since a collection itself cannot be copy/pasted the only way to do what you’re asking is the following:

  • create a new collection linked to the target scene
  • return to the original scene and copy the objects
  • return to the target scene and paste with the target collection active.

it sounds like a lot of work, and if you do it manually for thousands of objects it is- but scripting something like this would be trivial. one of the upsides of blender’s flat data structure is that moving large quantities of data around with a script doesn’t take much effort or expertise.

If you want to just get a whole collection of objects from one project to another, go to file>append/link, select the project .blend file and you can select the collection to be imported. It will be having everything the very same.

append option imports the files and gives them seperate properties as not to affect the former project.
link option will keep the properties of objects in both projects linked

So be cautious about that.
Also remember that the textures linked will be to the files of same directory, replacing or deletion of those files will affect textures of the models.

In the same way, you can import materials, textures, scenes anything from any former projects you have done before.

If you want to duplicate within a project, you can just do ctrl+c-ctrl+v or shift+d.
or for duplicating whole collections, right click on it in the layers panel and do duplicate. As said, “linked” duplication will always keep parent child properties linked.

hope this helps w your doubt.
thank you.

If you want to get collections from one scene to another simply go to
Outliner - blend file - collections
Then highlight the collections in question and right click snd select link to scene

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