Do offical releases of blender use old precompiled libraries or latest releases of those libraries

I have been building blender with the precompiled libraries, i decided to build embree from source and use that, and the shaderball benchmark for cycles went from 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute 17, i tried installing blender from apt to check but it gives the error “not built with openimagedenoise” if the offical releases do use the precompiled libraries then this could potientally help with render time alot

You can find the exact versions of all libraries used over at

We do not always use the latest versions due to just there being no compelling reason to upgrade (ie upgrade only has changes in areas we do not rely on), incompatibilities elsewhere in the ecosystem (ie USD can’t really deal with anything other than TBB2020) , or commitments to do our best to play nice with other software in the eco system (ie adherence to the

but even for a dep like embree, where we generally are on or near latest, there’s many things that impact performance (ie compiler used, build options) it’s rarely just a case of “latest makes it go vrrrrrrrrrr!”

If you’re installing Blender from apt, then you are installing a version of Blender compiled by and maintained by your distribution package manager. These can, and are likely, to be different from the ones built by the Blender foundation. If you would like to use a version of Blender built by the Blender foundation, then you can download it from here: Download —