Distributed rendering for Blender .. looking for testers

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a distributed rendering solution for blender, and currently I finished working on a first prototype. Now I’m looking for designers to test it, to check the validity of the idea and gather some opinions.

The test will be short and for free of course, so I will appreciate it if some of you guys would like to take part.

If you’re interested, please reply to this post or reach me with a message to arrange the test.

Thank you.


Could you explain a bit more about exact functionality? I might want to test.

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Sure :slight_smile:
My partner and I are working on a rendering service for animation softwares that will be based on a blockchain, we want to offer a huge amount of nodes for rendering for a small price. We started with Blender and we plan to expand more to include as many animation softwares as we can.
Now we have a prototype, a small plugin for Blender together with a client to view and receive the job. We use Cycles for rendering, and we simulated a blockchain for rendering.

What we want now is to test the prototype, and to have some feedback, advises and ideas

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