Displaying the custom_orientation items correctly in pie menus

How do you display the custom_orientation list in your own menus? In particular custom pies?

Native popover – notice the 2 “Face” and “Edge” items etc.

Copy and pasting the layout code from VIEW3D_PT_transform_orientations into my own menus yields vastly different results though.

Custom menu – layout is wonky and styled differently:

Custom pie menu – where did the 2 custom orientations go??

Question: Is there something I have to do to get blender to enumerate the list of custom_orientations correctly? I’m mostly interested in placing these in a pie menu if possible.

confirmed indeed, when doing expand=True. added transfos don’t appear

        pie = layout.menu_pie()
        col = pie.column()
        gap = col.column()
        gap.scale_y = 7        
        box = col.box().column()
        box.label(text="Transform Orientations")
        scene = context.scene
        orient_slot = scene.transform_orientation_slots.items()[0][1]
        orientation = orient_slot.custom_orientation
        box.operator("transform.create_orientation", text="", icon='ADD', emboss=True).use = True
        box.prop(orient_slot, "type", expand=True)
        if orientation:
            row = box.row(align=True)
            row.prop(orientation, "name", text="", icon='OBJECT_ORIGIN')
            row.operator("transform.delete_orientation", text="", icon='X', emboss=True)

you should report it