Discord community for addon developers?

I want to participate in a community of addon developers collaboratively.

I specifically woudl avoid all of the “I have an idea will you develop it?” type stuff.

but sharing patterns / progress asking questions.

it’s pretty tough to find people who develop the addons in the other channels

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based on initial feedback I started one:

the blender community server has a coding section

thanks, I’ve found subsections ion a lot of places, none of them very active, each one has 1-2 people active and it’s not much of a focus

i think unless you’re actively doing something to make your discord successful, further fracturing the attention span of addon devs probably isn’t going to solve the problem. If nobody is going to any of these other places, why are they going to go to this discord?

FWIW I agree, I spend a lot of time answering questions and helping people on various forums and find that when I have a question of my own I’ve typically got to figure it out on my own. It would be nice if there was an active place for people who are working on addons but i’m not sure if one more option launched into the void is necessarily going to solve the problem.

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I will actively try to make it worthwhile. I first tried finding other communitis worth investing my effort in. I have found plenty for everything besides this, I wont duplicate those. For this purpose I think it brings peoplke together for more of a focus instead of it being a sidenote several other places. I’ve asked around enough times and worked with ~6 discords as it is and figured I’d try something different