Differences between blender build bot and compiled local

I’ve compiled several times and versions of blender with “make debug” and they work every thing but the “pack sound” in the VSE.
In VSE, with a sound strip just added → source → pack. In the buildbot version it works perfect (for example tonights version), but in the compiled locally version(for example updated today) it fails (I think that it blames “unique ID”).

Any suggestions of what can be wrong? Any option?


With “make release” it works!! Any tips?

What do you mean “it fails”? Do you see a debug assert printed on the commandline and blender crashes or something else?

“Fails” means that it crashes. If I go deeper, I think that the problem is when it checks unique Id of the “sound”, but I’m not sure.

It sounds as if the issue may be an assertion that fails, in that case best report the steps to cause the crash/assert. You could try and investigate it yourself to see if you can find a solution too.

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it’s something very deep in the depsgraph, perhaps beyond my understanding of the compilation steps or the depsgraph.

@ideasman42 I’ve created the bug report: ⚓ T97466 Assert crash when pack sound in blender DEBUG