Development blog nowhere to be found on

Development blog at seems to contain some crucial, official development updates yet this particular page will appear to be non-existent for any new visitor of I am never able to find on, so I always have to google it and use a google search result to find it. Given the fact contains official development updates, it should be easy to find on official page. I think it even deserves a “Blog” button at the top bar of, alongside Features/Download/Support etc… buttons.


The front page has at the top the section Get Involved. In that section is a link Development. Clicking that opens a page lays out information on development, including a link to that dev blog.

I would think that the Development link is indicative enough?

Maybe having a link directly on the front page might be useful.

Yeah, 3 clicks to get to a page where developer blog is just one small random link in a giant wall of about 20 links, and it’s not even first one:

That’s absolutely ridiculous given that is actually a big portal comparable to entire

…with important stuff like meeting notes, posts about roadmap, posts about new features, plans, etc… Honestly those things are lot more exciting than the formal landing page, so they need to be much more visible.


Well, two clicks, but yes. We should see if it could be lifted to a bit more prominent place.


You can also find it in the footer of every page if you click on “development channels”. On it is displayed quite large as developer blog at the bottom as well.

If this is too challenging, you will never make it through the Blender source.

I check it frequently (why does it have no RSS feed?) and always have a rough time navigating to find it, even though I know where it is. I agree it should absolutely be somewhere far more prominent.

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Is that supposed to make it better? If you intended to show that it’s easy to get to the blog, you’ve pretty much confirmed the exact opposite. You have to first click download, then you have to click very small obscure link labeled “learn more” and then you have to scroll down about 50 FullHD vertical pages to get a small “development blog” button which brings you to an entire new portal with Blender’s development progress reports No one new to the site has any chance at all of every finding out about aside from an extremely unlikely accident.

I meant on the footer of every single page it is there. I do agree that it is hard to see there so maybe a icon for it would be better. I made my post to point out that it is there easily accessible on every page.

I do agree with you that it could be made more prominant. For example the blog posts could be displayed on the homepage similar to News

Yes, something like that. My overall argument is that contains way too useful and up to date information for it to be buried so deep.

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It should be a top level menu entry imho.

I check it frequently (why does it have no RSS feed?)

That’s weird, both sites are using Wordpress for so it should work out of the box at and


Thanks for that link to! It would be great if an RSS icon linking to that can be put on the page somewhere, since I didn’t know to guess the URL.

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Okay I’ve just added the Developers Blog to the homepage of Hopefully this makes new posts more discoverable!

Thanks for the feedback everyone :heart:


It’s great. At first I didn’t see it because I kept scrolling down immediately.

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