Rolling back a draft Diff to a previous state

Hey guys - I’ve been searching for a solution and I have not found one, so I’m hoping someone can help me.

I accidentally submitted the wrong updated patch against an open Differential. I then resubmitted the correct patch, but it cluttered up the patch history quite a bit. Is there a way I can just back out the last 2 changes to the Diff to leave it in its previous state?

This is not a diff that is about to be integrated - it is still in review and OK to change.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, when doing review i personally only look at the current version anyhow, I may look back occasionally to see what the previous code was like before recent changes just to make sense of comments by other reviewers, but it’s relatively rare.

So as long as the current version is in a good shape, I’d say you’re good to go.

Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback. I had done some changes to incorporate some requests from Jacques and Hans, and didn’t want them to lose track of the comments they had posted, which got clobbered as a result of the patch error.

For the record, the diff in question is: ⚙ D11700 Geometry Nodes: Add explicit Float to Int conversion node

Basically, I ended up posting a documentation update that was a child diff into the parent by accident (so it set the project from Blender to Blender Documentation. I then reposted the correct diff, but that’s what caused the screwup. I felt really stupid afterwards too, which was well-deserved.

Don’t worry about it, you learn best by screwing up royally :slight_smile: