Desynchronized symmetry buttons

Hi ,
when going to edit-mode , these buttons appear :

But they are not synchronized with those :

when browsing the code , I noticed those two sets of buttons do the same thing (but I’m not sure about that , I don’t know blender that well) , but they are identified differently :
use_mesh_mirror_ and use_mirror_ as Identifiers , and have different notifier flags which in turn makes the event system process them differently.

  1. I was wondering if this was intended to behave this way ?
  2. would replacing those buttons by use_mirror_ buttons break something else ?
  3. In case it does , what would be the best way to notify their own state change to each others so that they can be synchronized on-click instead of the current behavior ?
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ui refresh issues?
when i mouse hover the area it updates


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All of these global transform options, such as mirror, shouldn’t appear among Active tool settings at all, anyway.
They have nothing to do with the active tool.

@HamilcarR, these use_mesh_mirror_ properties were introduced by @ZedDB in this commit. I imagine something would break when changing that back.

Changing or adding more notifier flags would be the way to fix the refresh issue.

I created this PR :

It seems to work for this case , but maybe there are others I missed ?