Deleting an action

Is there a way to make the x button actually delete the action?

I’ll click x, shift+click x, save, reopen and it is still there.

Answer : Its probably marked for deletion and will be deleted the next time you open the file (as long as no other “user” has access to that data, The data is : In your case, the action in question)

If you wish to force deletion, you can delete it through “Blender file” in the outliner
once you press “X”, go to orphan data (Also in the outliner) and purge it (If you know what you are doing, that is).

Note : Blender has this weird “Garbage collection” method if you can call it that way that allows you to revert your actions AS long as the file is opened (In this case, you can restore the action as long as the file is opened).

Future : *There is some talk about replacing this method (Or at least the fake user workflow) but its a big project and nobody is willing to tackle it as its not top priority.

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Ok thank you
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