Default startup.blend paper cuts

I noticed some small aspects in the default startup.blend file that could be improved and I expect I’m not the only one with some small suggestions.

I suggest collecting them here in parallel to the UI paper cuts and finally get those that have been considered making sense to the 2.80 release.

I suggest to not discus things here to keep the thread clean but rather creating a discussion thread if one feels things should be discussed.

My two suggestions may mainly affect the experience of novice blender users:

  1. Default Studio Light Color option in the UV-Editing Preset Workspace should be Texture

    Especially since the 3D viewport is shown as well it makes no sense that the textures don’t show up on the object and it may give a hint that there must be a setting for changing the aspects of the studio lighting thus makes it maybe a little bit discoverable.

  2. The Normal Map Node should be attached to the Principled BSDF shader by default
    I guess this is the by far most used case of the normal input and furthermore very unintuitive to guess that this node is the way to go for tangent normal mapping.
    With this setup as a default it is also possible to set a normal map using the non node based material settings panel in parallel to how one can add base color, roughness maps, etc.