Debugging with Eclipse: wrong path referenced

I’ve set up Python debugging in Blender on Windows as describe here and it works, partially:

I can set a breakpoint from within the source using pydevd.settrace(), but any breakpoints I set in Eclipse are ignored. As soon as I click resume, it runs until the end of the script or until the next pydevd.settrace().

I have analyzed the debugger communication with wireshark and found that when starting the script with “run script” from the internal text editor, the wrong path is transmitted, e.g. “C:\users\test\desktop\test.blend\” if the blendfile is named “test.blend”.

If I start the script using “execfile(“C:\users\test\desktop\”)” the correct path is sent to eclipse and breakpoints work fine.

Is there a better way to debug python with Eclipse?

If not, how can I correct the Wiki entry?